Should betting be legalized in India?

On revelation of the latest cricket betting scandal, there are growing voices in favor of legalizing betting. I have tried to put pros and cons of this decision, if taken in future.

1. Betting cannot be stopped so why not legalize it. Regulations may bring discipline and transparency in the betting process.
2. Government will get huge revenue in the form of taxes.

1. Betting per se is not bad, it is a natural tendency of humans to side with one of the possibilities of probability of certain event happening. As long as things happen in their own way, this is okay, the problem begins when individuals start manipulating events, by force or seduction. This darker/criminal side of betting cannot be stopped even if betting is made legal.
2. It well known that betting involves mostly black money. Legal betting will block black money flow which is virtually the soul of betting operations and hence has very little chance of success.
3. Legalization of betting will only help the shady business to gain respect. Betting houses will be setup with all the latest technology. They will do only a fraction of their business in the legal way. Bulk of the business will still be with black money, out of legal purview but done with infrastructure setup legally and openly.
4. Today’s fence sitters, who are afraid to bet because of its disrepute, will get a moral push to indulge in betting once it has official sanction. More and more people will throw their good money after this murky business.
5. Government’s expectation of getting a big chunk of revenue is out of place since mostly the betting will still happen with black money and out of reach of tax men.

More cons than pros????

New age Gulams (Slaves)

Decades ago humans were bought and sold as slaves and once sold they owed their very existence to their masters. This practice was abolished but has now resurfaced in a different form.

In the modern times our cricketers have become the new slaves, bought by franchisees. They not only have sold their body but their honor and dignity as well. They cannot voice their opinions and have to dance to the tune of their owners. This was obvious when recently in a press meet MS Dhoni, was not allowed to answer any questions about current cricket controversies by CSK media manager. MSD was sitting at the press meet like as lifeless doll with a fixed plastic smile.

Similar is the case with ex-cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shashtri and various BCCI board members who have chosen to remain silent under the weight of money and other lucrative contracts doled out by BCCI to them.

This power of money is all pervasive and is also evident in the corporate world, where senior managers, board members are simply bought over by various favors; stock options etc. and then they remain mute spectators to all the wrong doing in the organization.

Practice of slavery continues………………..

I am no fan of likes of Gurunath,

I am no fan of likes of Gurunath, Sanjay Dutt or Vindoo Darasigh – all are either proven criminals or charged with serious crimes. But even for them I feel sorry for the way they are heckled and pushed around when they are either taken to police station or moved around by police to courts. All these movements are well planned and controlled by police. I do not understand why police cannot put in place effective crowd management and keep people at a distance so that the whole process looks orderly and disciplined. To allow arrested politician / celebrities to speak to public or wave at them or allow public to push and heckle, speaks ill about crowd management abilities of our police force.


IPL scandals

What is wrong if Srishant has spent lakhs on cloths and cell phone? It is his money and he has every right to spend it the way he likes. The problem is source of this money. Unfortunately instead of concentrating on money trail, media and law enforcers are more into sensantionizing the story with trivial details. 
It will be impossible to stop corrupt practices where there is lot of easy money to be made (ask your next door traffic hawaldar). Counseling and teaching high moral values to players is a waste of time. Baby sitting player all the time is impractical and there is no way one can stop bookies contacting players. Instead we should have strong deterrents like long prison sentences, confiscation of entire unexplained money players possess with stiff penalties and life ban on playing. 
Even after these measures there will be some still wanting to take the risk and indulge in corrupt practices, but such cases will be very few and so it will be comparatively easy to focus on them for investigation. 
When today’s player see that those previously caught in match/spot fixing cases have not only survived but are thriving as politicians, celebrity commentators on TV channels, why should they be afraid or ashamed of making easy money in similar way? Only way to curb this practice is to have effective deterrents in place immediately.

Our obsession with Pakistan

Once again Indian government and electronic media is going overboard with the so called democratic revolution in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif is touted as a great friend of India who started peace process with Atal Bihari government in 1999 (and crippled it with Kargil attack shortly there after). All this started when a particular English news channel, which normally acts as govt. mouthpiece, began feeding news about Pakistan elections, sent their star reporter to interview Sharif, who was quick enough to take advantage of all the free publicity he was getting. This will now give another boost to 
people like the caustic congress representative frequently appearing on channels, and likes of him involved in Aman Ki Asha like programs to have another round of free lunches and site seeing trips to Pakistan and get some free publicity at home.

Going by the past history all this will continue till Pakistan either directly or through their proxies will commit another terror attack on some soft target in our country. Only then the tide will swing in totally opposite direction with electronic media berating 
govt. inaction and govt sending dossiers and proofs to Pakistan and world community begging them for action against those perpetuated terror attacks on us and no body giving them a second glance.

Pakistan and the rest of the world has clearly understood psych of Indian establishment and people at large. We only believe in rhetoric and are unable to build a position of strength to deal with any issue. We will can only pay a lip service and utter Bollywood style dialogues like “Aar Par ki ladhai” on one hand or wield candles in “Aman Ki Asha” type tamasha.

To me more dismaying part is the passive role our defense establishment plays in these situations. I feel the subservient nature ingrained in our defense and civil services from the British raj days does not allow them to see beyond their noses and forces them to act only for self interest and self preservation. At the best they can act, only to protect their political masters. Other wise which country or it’s defense forces will tolerate repeated terror attacks on our people and inhuman acts like beheading of our Javans ?


They did Kargil…. we helped Musharraf to tour Tajmahal.

They did 26/11 at Mumabi …… we were not moved

They beheaded our Jawan …… we welcomed their PM to Ajmer Sharif

They have now killed many of our Jawans…… we are doing nothing but to make 
impotent noises in parliament and press.



Test cricket and 20/20

The current test series with Australia, especially last couple of matches have proved that it is possible to scope fast in test cricket also. This is a positive effect of 20/20 format on test cricket, where in past, playing extremely slow, in the name of technique, was a norm. In the hindsight one can say that ‘test cricketing technique’ was mostly a ploy devised by senior players to enable them continue playing cricket when they loose physical stamina to play in 20/20 or one day format.

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