Our Defense Forces

I grew up remembering glorious victories our Defense Forces (DFs) had over our enemies and also the important role they play during peace time national disasters like floods and earthquakes. 

Defense forces have always occupied a very high position of respect in the eyes of general public. Unfortunately revelation of a number of scam related to DFs like Sukna land, Adarsh society, Submarine deal etc have somewhat marred their clean image. 
However I would like to believe that good people, with high moral values and unquestionable patriotism still out number bad guys in our DFs. 

In the latest helicopter scam case, we see a number of retired generals, admirals and air chiefs appearing on TV channels and lamenting about the raw deals our DFs are getting from corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and the great damage they are causing to DFs preparedness. I wonder why, these guys did not take suitable actions to protect image of armed forces while in service?

If as we believe, our DFs still have largely people of high integrity, moral standards and patriotic values, why are they not raising to protect reputation of their own organizations? After all, unlike general public they are far better united and have huge power at their disposal. What is stopping them from putting pressure on powers that be and lighting fire under their seats to cleanup the system? Not only this will help to restore reputation of our DFs but will set examples for corrupt people in other civilian area.

After all this image battering, if these senior people in our DFs do not act, do they still deserve the love and respect Indian citizens have for them?


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